home window repair  In addition to our replacement window services, we also offer home window repair, which we will be discussing in this post.  Many homeowners like the option of replacing glass only in situations such as a broken window or foggy window.  The glass replacement is typically about half of the cost of a full replacement and offers many of the same benefits, including options for low-e glass upgrades.

    Foggy windows are caused by the seal between the two panes of glass going out over time.  This will typically start as streaking or a hazy look between the double pane glass, and progress to a wet look and eventually white from the mineral deposits in the water and moisture trapped in the glass unit.  This will be tagged on a home inspection (seal failure), and we can repair these for you at a fraction of the cost of replacing the windows.  We install new glass units with a 10-year manufacturers warranty against seal failure, and can match the glass you have in your existing windows as well as the decorative mutton bars if those are present.  We provide free estimates for all services and just need a few minutes to measure the glass, determine type of glass, and get you your quote.

    Broken windows are caused by many things including foundation settling, children’s toys, incorrect installation, and birds.  Whatever the case may be, we can match your existing windows perfectly and get you a new glass pane installed quickly.  Typically in this case our customers opt for replacing the glass only since the existing window frame is still functional and intact.

    With all of our glass services and window repair we can upgrade to a low-e glass if the customer chooses.  In the case where there are many windows in need of repair, and the homeowner is not selling, this can be a good option.  This will reduce the heat transfer, block UV rays, and improve efficiency.  If you are looking to upgrade the look and efficiency without spending quite as much as full replacement windows, this can be a great option!

   We offer many window repair services to compliment these, such as balancer repairs for windows that will not open and shut, replacing broken locks, screen repairs and screen replacement.  Of course for the most updated look and efficiency we also offer full replacement windows.  Just give us a call or post a comment with any questions.



    1. No problem! We aim to educate and help where we can, not just sell products. I want to make all different options available and let the homeowner choose what is the best fit in their situation. Sometimes this is glass only, and sometimes replacement windows, which is why we offer both services.

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  2. Window is one of the important part of your home construction. When a major problem occur such as if your window is totally break down then you should replace your window but if there is some crack or a small problem occur then you should repair that windows. If it is possible then you can do yourself but for safety purpose it is better that you should hire a professional as they provide the quality service. So that it is long lasting. But it is important you should hire a good contractor and the window repair takes less money than the window replacement.

  3. I had no idea that foggy windows were caused by the sealant of the window going out over time. My wife and I noticed some of our living room windows were doing this. We might have to look into getting them resealed or replaced soon.

  4. Thanks for the tips on having the windows repaired when they’re foggy as this is caused by the seal between the two panes of glass going out over time. Two of our windows at home have foggy glasses and I think that I’ll be calling a window repair service tomorrow. Thanks for mentioning that installing new glass units that can match the glass have in your existing windows will help. Thanks for the advice!

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