New replacement windows include the frame and glass, giving you maximum efficiency, functionality, and options for updated styles and colors.  We will go over a few of the benefits here, although there are too many to list at this time.

First, old single pane and even double pane aluminum windows are rarely even half as efficient as the new windows available.  These can reduce the energy cost and help you save big in the Texas summers.  Did you know that all homes built, and replacement windows installed, after 2002 are required to have low-e glass?  Second, when replacing windows the looks can be updated through adding or eliminating decorative bars, changing colors, changing window styles, and even changing the direction windows open and shut.  With so many options you can really find something aesthetically pleasing to every homeowner.  Another major advantage is that many old windows don’t open and shut properly, while this can be repaired at times, in many instances the settling and shifting of the home causes the window to be out of square and the sash will not slide properly or  not open at all.  There are many more benefits we can discuss and I would love to answer any questions posted in the comments!


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