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Here are some before and after photos from one of the glass replacement jobs we did this week in Keller, Texas.  This window had a failed seal and was allowing moisture inside the double pane window.  We switched the glass out for the customer for a fraction of the cost of a full replacement window, and were able to keep the same frame, so all the units match.  This allows us to correct the unsightly foggy window, will now pass the home inspection, and is more energy efficient.  This glass comes with a 10 year warranty against seal failure and labor is included.

King’s Window Services LLC serves the Keller and Tarrant County areas, and provides free estimates for all of our services.  We can handle all of your window needs right here in one convenient location.  Give us a call at 817-908-1060, or fill out our contact form, to schedule your free estimate today!


  1. When your window seals need replacing, you will often notice obvious signs of failure. Obvious issues that occur in many homes involve fogging glass, condensation, rotten sills and decaying frames. Sometimes aged architecture and multiple layers of paint also prevent windows from opening and closing properly.

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