Window screen repair and replacement is a very common and fairly inexpensive service that we offer.  There are many reasons for faded, damaged, or missing screens.  The screens above were dirty and faded, but we were able to treat them with our screen cleaner and protectant to get them back to their original black color and shine.  There are a couple of types of screens that are common in North Texas, solar screens and bug screens.  Solar screens are darker and help with the heat from the Texas sun in the summers, we sell and install solar screens, just give us a call and we can get you a free quote.  Several colors of solar screen and frame are available to match your home perfectly.

The other, and more common, type of screen is the standard bug screen.  We can re-screen these on site if they have faded or torn mesh.  For bent frames or missing screens we can order you new ones and have them installed for you in about one week.  There are many different color frames and styles of screens, with the standard black or grey fiberglass mesh, to insure they fit as well as the original window manufacturers did.  If you have screen questions, we have answers!


  1. With screens, are there different types that you can get? My windows don’t have any and I would really like to get some. I’m tired of bugs getting into my home when I simply want to enjoy a nice breeze from outside.

    1. absolutely Andy, there are many different options if you would like to block out sun or have more durable screens for pets. We also offer the standard bug screens and that sounds like it may be a good fit for you. Just give us a call if you need to schedule an estimate, all local estimates are free!

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