Keller Glass Replacement Job

Here are some before and after photos from one of the glass replacement jobs we did this week in Keller, Texas.  This window had a failed seal and was allowing moisture inside the double pane window.  We switched the glass out for the customer for a fraction of the cost of a full replacement window, […]

Foggy Window Repair Keller

          Here is an example of a foggy window in Keller, before and after the glass replacement.  This customer was selling their house and needed to make these repairs for the seller.  We replaced the glass with the same energy efficient low-e glass, but did not replace the whole windows, saving the customer thousands of dollars.  We […]

Window Cleaning in North Richland Hills

  Here is a photo of us from a window cleaning in North Richland Hills today.  We service the DFW area, but are based in North Richland Hills and focus our efforts here and surrounding cities.  We are familiar with the neighborhoods in North Richland Hills and have many customers and references available in the area!  […]

Home Window Replacement

New replacement windows include the frame and glass, giving you maximum efficiency, functionality, and options for updated styles and colors.  We will go over a few of the benefits here, although there are too many to list at this time. First, old single pane and even double pane aluminum windows are rarely even half as […]

Window Screen Repair and Replacement

Window Screen Repair and Replacement

Window screen repair and replacement is a very common and fairly inexpensive service that we offer.  There are many reasons for faded, damaged, or missing screens.  The screens above were dirty and faded, but we were able to treat them with our screen cleaner and protectant to get them back to their original black color […]

Home Window Repairs

  In addition to our replacement window services, we also offer home window repair, which we will be discussing in this post.  Many homeowners like the option of replacing glass only in situations such as a broken window or foggy window.  The glass replacement is typically about half of the cost of a full replacement and […]